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Kumsan was founded in 1980, by 22 iron-steel industrialists from Iron Steel Industrialists Association chaired by Turgut Özal, the 8th President of the Turkish Republic, with a capital of 10 million Turkish Liras. The objective was the minimizing of medium and long term risks in the procurement of casting sand.

In the first years, as a result of experimental production and field research, 13,000 tons of sand were produced, and 8,000 tons were sold. The 1990’s were the real development years of the company, and the capacity was raised to 180,000 tons/year with the awarded incentive certificates.

The silica sand produced by Kumsan is an important raw material in the automotive, hard goods, iron-steel and casting industries. Moreover, silica sand is one of the main materials in the construction industry as well as the CTP-based pipe industry.

Kumsan continued developing carefully during the years of 1998-2002 with newly awarded incentive certificates in spite of the economic crises and related uncertainties of the times.

As well as the efforts for growth, Kumsan received the Istanbul Chamber of Industry Environmental Award in the year 2000, and University of Bosphorus Criton Curi Environmental Jury Award in 2001, for the introduction of the “Mining with Environmental Awareness” program to achieve the sustainability and safety which are the management principles of the company.

Kumsan, establishing the Istanbul, Tuzla Dry Sand Facilities in 2007, is one of the important raw materials producers of Turkish Industry with a capacity of 480,000 tons of wet and dry sand in 2008.

As the result of studies and training, Kumsan obtained the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System certificates. Kumsan’s partnership structure in 2008 is as follows: